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Baseby Hub – Independent Learning Centre

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  • Baseby Hub – Independent Learning Centre

The Baseby Hub is an Independent Learning Centre in the Baseby Cottage. The purpose of the Baseby Hub is to encourage youth who have disengaged from their learning to return and compete their SACE.

Baseby Hub runs four days a week lead by Charly Elliker, who works closely with students, families and teachers to encourage, engage and assist the students to re-engage and connect with their learning.

Baseby Hub has 20 enrolled students from Years 8-12 who will be working with Charly on re-engaging them with their education and extra support with their learning and life skills.  Students work through a number of tailored curriculum outcomes while working towards their SACE completion in a variety of flexible ways.

Subjects include:

  • Stage 1 Personal Learning Plan (PLP)
  • Stage 1 Essential Maths
  • Stage 1 Essential English
  • Stage 1 & 2 Community Studies
  • Stage 2 Research Project
  • Stage 1 Food & Hospitality
  • VET courses (Certificate II – III through RTO’s including Murraylands Trade Training Centre, TAFESA, MADEC)

WhiteLion SA provides a Case Manager for each student. They work closely with all students assisting them with:

  • health and wellbeing
  • practical issues
  • working with other services (such as Centrelink, or health, drug and alcohol services)
  • developing stronger numeracy and literacy skills
  • coaching and goal-setting.

The Case manager keeps a case file on each young person they work with, including a case plan (the flexible learning and transition portfolio), progress notes, assessment of needs, support and referrals.  He also stays in contact with parents and other agencies.