Leadership Team

Michelle Grieger, Principal


‘Mannum Community College continually focuses on improving Numeracy, Literacy and Wellbeing by supporting and encouraging a growth mindset to enable our students to do their best in all aspects of their school life’.

Welcome to Mannum Community College. Our school focus is on believing every student can achieve through a wide range of learning opportunities to fully develop their skills and capabilities. We see each and every student as unique, with their own potential – therefore it is our responsibility as educators to help them to achieve their goals.

Mannum Community College is a student-centred school, where support is provided to students as they begin to take responsibility for their own decisions, determine their own attitudes and form their own opinions as to what life is all about and the pathway they wish to follow. All students are guided and mentored to achieve academically, and grow emotionally, physically and socially in a happy and collaborative school community.

We comprise of 3 sub-schools (Junior School –  Reception to year 5, Middle School – years 6-9, Senior School – years 10-12) and Baseby Hub for years 10-12 for students who have disengaged from their learning and who need further guidance and support to return and compete their SACE. We pride ourselves on 100% SACE completion for all year 12 students.

I have over 18 years of teaching and leadership experience where I have taught many primary year levels across the Murraylands schools. Over the past 8 years I have been Assistant Principal R-5 and Deputy Principal R-12 at Mannum Community College. Outside of school I enjoy cooking, gardening, reading and bush walking with my family.

Please feel free to make an appointment with me or other members of the Leadership team to discuss the education needs of your child. Personalised tours of the school are available every school day. I am confident that Mannum Community College can assist you in the most important decision when deciding on the right education pathway for your child.

Kieran Jaensch, Deputy Principal and Senior School Senior Leader


Prior to my teaching career I completed a Diploma of Arts in Furniture Design and various trade qualifications in the Wood Working area. I then underwent a Bachelor of Education specialising in Design and Technology completing my degree in 2011. I have now been in the education system for coming up 12 years. Meningie Area School was my first short term appointment, before commencing at Heathfield High School in the Adelaide Hills where I spent 5 years teaching across a range of design and technology subject areas, managing the regional Doorways 2 Construction VET program, and leading a number of STEM initiatives. In 2017 I packed up my little family and took on the position of Senior Leader – Students Pathways in the South East, based out of Mount Gambier. This role saw me working with 11 different secondary high school sites across the South East and Tatiara regions in all things SACE, VET, student pathways and professional development for secondary education staff.

In 2018 I commenced my appointment at Mannum Community College where I have been able to draw upon all my previous experiences and knowledge across SACE, VET, STEM and student pathways as I support students through their senior schooling and onto their future career paths of choice. In my time at the school we have seen a number of changes to the school as a whole, especially the senior school. We now have new state of the art learning environments, one: one laptop device initiative, along with a great nurturing community feel to our environment. I look forward to continuing my work with MCC students, parents/ caregivers and the wider community supporting the whole school in the Deputy Principal role.

Sophie Frost, Leader of the Junior School


The Junior School provides an enriched learning environment that focuses on supporting the students in Reception to Year 5 on a journey of discovery and learning. The Mannum Community College Junior School is comprised of composite classes catering for Reception to Year 5 students. Each classroom block shares an art area and computer pods and all face out onto the lawn and playground areas.

As the Junior School leader I bring along with me approximately 20 years of teaching experience. For my last 15 years I have been a classroom based teacher within the Murraylands and also taken upon a variety of leadership roles. I have taught across all year levels from Reception through to year 7 in both full time and team teaching capacities. I have a love for many areas of learning and seeing our young people engaging in respectful and kind relationships with each other. I have been heavily involved in literacy and numeracy working groups across the Murraylands partnership and have thoroughly enjoyed the beginning of my leadership role here at MCC for 2022. Outside of school life I enjoy an active and outdoorsy type of life. I still love to play netball and basketball and support my three children with their chosen sports, footy, netball, basketball, cricket and tennis.

Kathryn Hese, Middle School and Years 5-12 Literacy Senior Leader


As leader of the Middle School at Mannum Community College I bring almost 20 years of teaching and leadership experience in rural schools to the role and continue to have a passion to deliver top class rural education. As some of my experience has been in senior secondary roles I am acutely aware of the demands young people face in the SACE, tertiary education and on the employment front, and therefore aim to create a rigour and enjoyment in learning in the middle years to ensure a smooth transition and future success. Personally, I enjoy good narratives delivered in all modes and of all genres, and have taken time to develop my skills and understanding of writing through extensive practice and education, including recently completing a Master of Education with a focus on literacy and writing. Sports are another of my passions and I continue to be involved in clubs and officiating to enable sports for children to operate and deliver good healthy experiences.

Correta Odera, Wellbeing Leader


At Mannum Community College (MCC), we understand that high levels of wellbeing have the potential to bring about positive change in all members of

our school community. We know what is required to foster wellbeing, and how it can become a powerful force in students’ learning and development.

My role as Wellbeing Leader is to coordinate three levels of wellbeing support:


  • Whole school initiatives including:
    • a school-wide common language (e.g. Restorative Justice, Play is the Way Key Concepts and Self-Master Questions),
    • key curriculum areas (Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum and Shine SA Relationships and Sexual Health), and
    • Special days (e.g. Harmony Day, IDAHOBIT and Grand-friends’ Day)
  • Small group programs such as Seasons for Growth, Mind Up and Student Leadership.
  • Individual, targeted interventions – usually through external mental health and allied support services.

Julie Strauss, Business Manager


I lead the business and administration operation of Mannum Community College in the areas of finance, facilities and HR. This includes funding, budgets, resource management, facilities upgrades, maintenance, community use of school facilities, coordination of events and appointment of non-teaching staff. I am the site contact for outsourced services such as OSHC and cleaning. I work with the Canteen Manager, Governing Council and Canteen Committee to oversee the operation of the school canteen.

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Leadership Team