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At Mannum Community College the Middle school caters from Years 6 to 9. Research tells the school that young adolescents have unique needs. It is very important for students at this age to establish relationships with respected, trusted adults and to feel part of a peer group. It is also important that they be given the opportunity to make choices and experience the demands of increased responsibility in a supportive environment. As a result the Middle School provides a learning environment where students experience challenge, rigor and success. Middle school has a focus on the school’s values of Respect, Integrity, Vitality, Excellence and Responsibility (RIVER) and staff expect each student to follow and demonstrate them. We will also continue to adapt the Middle school concept for our school community and plan to be flexible in our practices to suit the changing needs of our students, within the ever changing society.

Class Structure

There are four classes within Middle School; two Year 6/7 classes and one Year 8 and one Year 9 class. The 6/7 classes are structured in a way that enables students to work in class groups with one core teacher, their Home Group teacher, for English, Math, History, Pastoral care and Health and Physical Education. Other subjects are largely taught by specialist teachers. The Year 8 and 9 classes are structured in a way that their Home Group teacher takes them for two to three subjects, plus Pastoral Care and the rest are taken by the specialist teachers. Both 6/7, 8 and 9 classes remain within their Home Group cohort and their designated classroom for much of the school day and work in smaller groups, usually their year level, for their ‘Practical’ subjects.


Middle School utilise the Australian Curriculum. The Australian Curriculum is a nationwide curriculum and has outlines for every subject taught in Middle school. Class subject selections look different this year as we have changed our timetable to suit the Australian curriculum required minutes for each subject ranging from Years 6-9. In Years 6-8 students are required to be taught all subjects, whereas in Year 9 there are fewer requirements and therefore they have an option to choose some subjects. You can access the curriculum documents on the following website www.australiancurriculum.edu.au


Learning folders

Learning folders are used to display a snapshot or sample of a student’s work, from throughout the term, for each learning area. Every teacher within the Middle School must supply work. The work can be photos of students participating in an activity, photocopied pages from their books, and completed assignments. The work must be accompanied with a task card, stating what the task is. Students show their parents and use the samples of work as a discussion point about their learning for that particular term. Parents are to comment on and return the folders to school. Learning folders will be sent home Friday of the second to last week, of Term 1-3. They need to be returned by the Monday of the last week.


Two full reports with comments will be sent home in Term 2 and 4. For the Years 8 and 9 all subjects (Math, History/Geography, English, Science, HPE, LOTE, ICT, Arts, Tech., Civics and Citizenship, Economic and Business and choice subject) will have a full comment. For the 6/7s a full comment will be given for Math and English. Any other subject the homegroup teacher teaches only needs an overview. All specialits teachers for both Year 6/7 classes need to write a comment for all students. For each learning area an A-E grade will be given as well as assessing the student’s effort and attitude. The Home group teacher will also indicate how well the student followed the school’s RIVER values. 


Interviews are conducted end of Term 1. They will be ‘Three Way Interviews’, which means the student needs to attend and will be running the interview. They will discuss their learning for the term, which may include their weaknesses, strengths, what they’ve enjoyed and disliked and their goals for next term and their futures. Proformas have been made for students to record this information on and share with their parents. 

Push for Excellence 

The Middle School is continuing a ‘Push for Excellence’ in 2017 and beyond. Our expectation is that every student strives to achieve their best, completes the required work and demonstrates they have the skills to move into the next year of schooling. For some students, in previous years, this did not happen and Middle school staff will no longer be accepting it. Parents will be notified, by letter, by the teachers and the Middle School Assistant Principal (MSAP), if their child fails to submit required work. If the student fails to submit required work continuously the MSAP will be requesting a meeting to discuss what will happen. If a student has a whole year of failing to submit work and parents have been notified of this, the school will be recommending that these students not move into the next year of schooling.


Traffic Lights

Week 5 and 10 Teachers (unless it’s a written report is given out) of every subject will be filling out one page of traffic lights for each student. These traffic lights indicate the student’s progress in Attendance, Behaviour, Engagement and Curriculum. The traffic lights are a visual way to show how students are travelling. Green means they are meeting the standard of the curriculum, yellow means they are just below the standard but are working towards it and red means they are working below standard.


Excellence awards

Excellence awards are continuing in 2017 and beyond and coincide with the Middle School’s ‘Push for Excellence’. Students are nominated by teachers who think students have displayed behaviour and attitude under five areas. The five award areas are the following:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Excellence in School Community
  • Excellence in attitude
  • Organisational Excellence
  • Leadership Excellence

Students can be awarded bronze, silver, gold, champion, legend and Hall Of Fame certificates in each of the five areas. To achieve bronze students need to be nominated 3 times in the area, silver 5, gold 1, champion 2, Legend 2 and Hall of fame 1. If students achieve gold in each area they will be awarded a medallion. If students achieve Hall of Fame in any area their name will go on the Hall of Fame boards in the Middle school. These certificates and medallions will be presented to the students at Middle school assemblies.

Choir at Mannum Community College

The choir was first established in 2005, when Mannum Community College was on two different sites. It became a compulsory Year 6 curriculum area in 2006. The choir practiced with the goal of performing at the Festival Theatre in Adelaide.

The school has engaged a choir trainer who conducts the choir every Tuesday morning.

We have now expanded our numbers by offering choir to Year 7 and 8 students. Over the past two years our choir has included over 50 + students.

We perform at the Festival Theatre and also at the Regional Festival in Murray Bridge. The choir enjoys a busy time within the community entertaining several groups and being involved in Christmas functions. The choir also performs with some of the musical instrument students to showcase the talent we have within our school. 

Year 7 Aquatics camp

The Year 7 Aquatics camp is run every year in Term 4. The students take 2 day trips to the Murraylands Aquatic Centre in Murray Bridge. Here they get to try and experience different forms of water sports and leisure activities in small groups. For example they experience kayaking, sailing, rowing, knee boarding or skiing, fishing, small boat handling and lots more. The students also develop water safety skills, how to work in a group, confidence in taking risks and trying new things. 

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Year 9 Transition Camp

The Year 9 Transition camp to Adelaide is run every year and is being embedded into the school culture and has been supported by the school Governing Council. It has been created to assist the Year 9 students in the transition from Middle School to Year 10 in the SACE. The purpose of this camp is to broaden the students’ horizons and to show them what is available, career and study wise, and to also develop their life skills.

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