Middle School

At Mannum Community College the Middle School caters for Year 6 to 9.  Research shows that young adolescents have unique needs, so it is very important for students at this age to establish relationships with trusted, respected adults and to feel part of a peer group.  It is also important that they be given the opportunity to make choices and experience the demands of increased responsibility in a supportive environment.

Middle School provides a learning environment where students experience challenge, structure and success.  The school’s RIVER values of Respect, Integrity, Vitality, Excellence and Responsibility are a focus of the Middle School, each student is expected to follow and demonstrate these values.  We also continue to modify the Middle School concept for our school community and are flexible in our practices to suit the changing needs of our students within an ever changing society.

Class Structure

Currently the Middle School comprises of five classes: two Year 6/7 classes, one Year 7/8 class, one Year 8 class and one Year 9 class.  The Year 6/7 classes are structured to enable students to work with their Home Group teacher for most core learning areas; English, Math, History, Pastoral Care and Science.  Other subjects are taught by specialist teachers.  The Year 7/8, 8 and 9 classes are taught by their Home Group teacher for two or three subjects and for Pastoral Care; other subjects are taught by specialist teachers in specialist areas. 


Middle School implements the Australian Curriculum.  The Australian Curriculum is the nationwide curriculum setting outlines for subjects taught in the Middle School.  The timetable for Middle School meets the Australian Curriculum’s guidelines with Year 6 to 8 being taught all subjects including LOTE (Japanese).  Year 9 have the option to choose some elective subjects.  Documents can be found at www.australiancurriculum.edu.au.


Learning Folders

Learning Folders are sent home for students to share their work and have discussions with their parents about their terms learning in Week 9 or 10 in Term’s 1, 2 and 3.  Learning folders display a snapshot and samples of students’ work from each learning area from throughout the term. The folder consists of photos of students participating in activities, photocopied pages from their work books or completed assignments. Each piece of work is accompanied by a detailed task card. Parents are encouraged to comment on the learning folder which is then returned to school on the Monday of the last week of term.


Student Reports are sent home at the end of Term 2 and Term 4.  Year 8 and 9 reports have a full comment on all subjects: Math, History/Geography, English, Science, HPE, LOTE, ICT, Arts, Technology, Civics and Citizenship, Economic and Business and their choice subject. Year 6/7 Maths, English and specialist subject will have a full comment while other subjects taught by the Home Group teacher will have an overview. All subjects are given an A-E grading as well as an assessment of effort and attitude.  Home Group teachers will also reflect on how well students followthe school’s RIVER values.


Three Way Interviews are conducted at the end of Term 1.  In Middle School, Three Way Interviews should consist of parent, student and teacher and are run by the student. Students discuss their learning for the term, talk about their strengths and weaknesses, what they enjoy or dislike, and what their goals are for the next term and their future.  Students record this information on a proforma to share with their parents.

Traffic Lights

Traffic Lights indicate student’s progress in Attendance, Behaviour, Engagement and Curriculum in each subject.  Green indicates they are meeting the standard of the curriculum, yellow indicates they are just below the standard but working towards it and red indicates they are working below standard.  These reports are sent home in Week 5 in Terms 1, 2, 3 & 4 and Week 10 of Term 1 and 3.

Push for Excellence

Middle School commenced a ‘Push for Excellence” challenge in 2016 which is continuing.  Our expectation is that every student strives to achieve their best, completes required work and demonstrates skills to move into the next year of schooling.  If students in Middle School fail to submit required work, parents will receive written notification from the student’s teacher and Middle School Senior Leader (MSSL). If the failure to submit work continues, parents will be contacted by the MSSL with the request to meet to discuss the situation.  If a student has a whole year of failing to submit work, and parents have had contact regarding the situation, the school will recommend that the student does not move into the next year of schooling.

Excellence Awards

Excellence Awards coincide with the Middle School’s Push for Excellence.  Teachers nominate students who have displayed positive behaviour and attitude under the following five areas:

·             Academic Excellence

·             Excellence in School Community

·             Excellence in Attitude

·             Organisational Excellence

·             Leadership Excellence.

Students must receive: Bronze (3 nominations), Silver (5 nominations), Gold (7 nominations), Champion (one nomination), Legend (one nomination) and Hall of Fame (one nomination) in each of the five areas to receive certificates. If students achieve one Hall of Fame in all areas they are awarded a badge; if they receive ten in all areas they are awarded a medallion; and if they receive twenty in all areas they are awarded a trophy. Recipients of Hall of Fame awards are recorded on the Hall of Fame Boards in the Middle School.  All certificates and medallions are presented at Middle School Assemblies.

Mannum Community College Choir

The Choir is a compulsory curriculum area for Year 6 students.  The Choir practice with a choir trainer every Thursday with the goal of performing at the Festival of Music in Adelaide, the Regional Choir in Murray Bridge, and also performing with some of our musical instrument students for Community Groups.  The Choir is offered to Year 7 students and this has increased our numbers for the past two years.

Year 7 Aquatics

Year 7 have aquatics every year in Term 4.  The students have two day trips to the Murraylands Aquatic Centre in Murray Bridge, where they experience different forms of water sports and leisure activities in small groups.  Experiences include: kayaking, sailing, rowing, knee boarding, skiing, fishing and small boat handling.  The students develop water safety skills, group work and the confidence of experiencing new experiences and taking appropriate risks.

Year 9 Transition Camp

Year 9 attend a Transition camp in Adelaide every year.  The purpose of this camp is to assist Year 9 students in the transition from Middle School to Year 10, develop life skills and broaden their vision of what is available for career and study.

Year 8/9 Eastern Zone Sport

Year 8/9 have the opportunity to extend their sporting experiences by participating in interschool sports events.  Eastern Zone comprises of schools in our region competing in Netball, Soccer, Football and Frisbee in Terms 2 and 3.  An aquatic event is held in Term 4 – usually surfing.





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