Junior School

Junior School

The Junior School provides an enriched learning environment that focuses on supporting the students in Years R to 5 on a journey of discovery and learning. The Mannum Community College Junior School is comprised of 8 composite classes catering for Reception to Year 5 students. Each double block shares an art area and computer pods and all face out onto the lawn and playground areas.

Well Being:

Our strong emphasis on Well Being aims to develop and support the social, emotional and academic skills that allow students to achieve their full potential. The RIVER values of Respect, Integrity, Vitality, Excellence and Responsibility are the foundations on which the ethos of the school is built and underpin all we do. Our RIVER Values coincide with Play Is The Way Key Concepts and Values and this is the foundation for our Social Skills Program.


Our learning program is based on the Australian Curriculum. It places a strong emphasis on the explicit teaching of literacy and numeracy, as the children are encouraged to become creative and independent in their thinking and reflective in their learning. We provide an integrated approach with students working closely with their class teacher focusing on the core subjects of literacy, numeracy, STEM and HASS (History, Geography, Science, Civics and Citizenship) with support from specialist teachers in areas such as PE, LOTE, Design and Technology, Digital Technology and the Arts.

Students engage in a range of Literacy activities specifically designed for the needs of the individuals to build their skills in reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing. Literacy blocks include strategies such as Guided Reading, phonics, all aspects of Comprehension and spelling skills.

Numeracy has a focus on teaching specific problem solving strategies so that students can demonstrate their depth of understanding and ability to apply their knowledge. Students are encouraged to understand and describe their world by solving problems, making predictions and developing their abstract reasoning skills.

Higher Order Thinking and Questioning Skills (critical, creative and ethical) are explored in Junior school classrooms. Differentiation for advanced students is provided through encouraging the use of higher order thinking strategies and open-ended questions which allow for deep exploration of a topic.

Targeted Programs

The needs of individual student are catered for in a range of ways including BAM (Body and Movement) activities, horse riding, water therapy and Interventions groups. These groups cater for students requiring extra support with their Literacy and Numeracy learning.

Assessment and Reporting:

Assessment is on going – being both formative and summative. Teachers document student’s progress throughout the year and use a range of assessment tasks in order to cater for individual learning styles and needs of all students. Students are assessed prior to, during and at the end of units of work. As teachers develop their units of work they incorporate strategies and activities to cater to individual student needs accordingly. Learning experiences for all students are designed to be meaningful, relevant and challenging. Parents are kept informed through class newsletters, acquaintance night, formal reporting, phone calls and incidental meeting as required.

Learning Folders are compiled by teachers throughout the year giving clear examples of your child’s learning. These folders are sent home in the last week of each term and returned in the first week back of the next term.

Parent / Teacher interviews are conducted in Term 3. Formal written reports are distributed at the end of Terms 2 and 4.


Students are effectively taught the appropriate skills to use the Junior School software and Internet. At Mannum Community College we value safety on the Internet and the students are taught cyber safety rules and are taught to use the Internet in a safe way.

Students also have access to trolleys of laptop computers. The iPads and laptops are utilised on a daily basis in each classroom for individual, group or whole class purposes.

Each classroom in the Junior School is equipped with Interactive Whiteboards, enabling teachers to provide an even more stimulating, learning environment. These ICT tools lead to more meaningful classroom discussions, with students actively involved in their learning.


Camps are an integral part of the curriculum at Mannum Community College. They provide students with practical, hands on experiences to coincide with their learning in the classroom. Camps a held bi-annually (even years) from years 2-5. Students in Reception and Year 1 participate in a school sleep over bi-annually.


The Junior School concert is held bi-annually (odd years). This is a very exciting time for students to showcase their learning and skills in the Arts curriculum area. Students are involved in Footsteps Dance lessons which is transformed into a truly magnificent production – new themes every concert. Parents are encouraged to become involved and support their child’s class in their production. The concert is filmed and families each receive a copy of the DVD.

Gala day is held bi-annually (even years). This is a whole school event with classes hosting games and food stalls to raise money for the school.

Excursions and Incursions

When ever possible students are offered opportunities to be involved in real life learning through excursions. These can be local – for example – to the bakery, art displays, river etc. Students usually walk to local events and are covered in the general consent forms. Other excursions are further afield. You will be notified with all details and additional consent will be sought. Incursions occur when the students stay on site and the presentation comes to the school. Occasionally an additional charge may incur.


From Kindergarten – The Junior School has strong ties with the Mannum Kindergarten. The teachers meet with Kindy staff regularly and visits by children are actively encouraged. Many of the programs are followed through so there is a smooth transition and skills and knowledge are passed on.

Swimming and Sports

Students are involved in swimming lessons each year using the ‘on site’ pool.

Students are increasingly involved in a range of sporting opportunities as they move through the Junior School years. Sports Day is a highlight and enjoyed by students and parents alike.


If you are interested in a Junior School tour or requesting more information please contact the school and ask to speak to Michelle Grieger – Deputy Principal R-12.


This school is part of the South Australian Department for Education and Child Development trading as South Australian Government Schools.
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